Renewable energies are inexhaustible natural sources, such as the wind or the sun. They are therefore much more environmentally friendly. Unlike fossil fuels, they are non-polluting and represent the cleanest alternative.


Faced with the crisis scenario that Europe is facing, savings and solidarity formulas are being sought between EU countries, and the commitment to renewable energies is growing strongly.

Drastic price reductions and technological advances in windmills and photovoltaic solar energy have shown that these renewable energy resources can play an important role in the world’s electricity systems. In addition, technological breakthroughs are making their storage much more efficient.

Currently, fossil fuels account for more than three quarters of the world’s primary energy consumption, in transport, industry and housing. They also account for a large majority (more than two-thirds) of electricity production, despite the continuing increase in the share of renewables.

Coal remains the main source of electricity production, thanks to its abundance and low cost. However, as it emits a lot of greenhouse gases, its development is at risk of being slowed down.

If the current share of fossil fuels is maintained and energy demand almost doubles by 2050, emissions will greatly exceed the amount of carbon that can be emitted if the global average temperature increase is to be limited to 2°C and the level of emissions would have disastrous climatic consequences for the planet. Therefore, one of the possibilities for the energy sector to reduce emissions is to reduce the amount of energy consumed.

All in all, we see that the challenge of the 21st century is clear: to fight global warming.  This fight involves many changes in the way we think, produce and consume our energy, but today, we are already aware of the urgency and change must take place to ensure a greener and more liveable future for future generations. The goal? The goal is to increase the share of renewables to 25% by 2022 and at least 32% by 2030.