Sustainability is a term that seeks to meet the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations and always without sacrificing environmental protection, economic growth and social development.


As consumers and in the face of the current climate emergency we find ourselves in, we must rethink our lifestyle habits taking into account the social and environmental side. What can we do? Thanks to the advance of new technologies, there are now many applications that can be used to help contribute to the environment. In today’s article we would like to talk to you about some applications to become more sustainable, but first we would like to differentiate between the different types of sustainability:

Environmental sustainability: the one focused on preserving biodiversity without giving up economic and social progress. For example, saving energy, reducing waste, limiting or eliminating the use of plastics…

Economic sustainability: this refers to the organisation’s ability to manage its resources and generate profitability in a responsible way in the long term.

Social sustainability: aims to strengthen the cohesion and stability of specific social groups.

Now… What apps can we use to help contribute to the environment?

  • Too Good to go: with this app we can reduce food waste at all points in the food chain by buying a “surprise” box (as you don’t know what’s in it) from supermarkets, hotels, shops and restaurants at a big discount.
  • Oroeco: if you want to calculate your carbon footprint… this is your app. With this application you can combat climate change by calculating your carbon footprint based on your electricity consumption, transport, food and leisure activities. In addition, it gives you a series of tips to reduce your impact adapted to your needs and lifestyles.
  • iHuerting: the app you need to build your own urban garden. It helps you to create your urban garden from scratch, as well as to take care of it in an intuitive, simple and fun way.
  • Wibeee: record and parameterise your home’s electricity consumption instantly with this app. Thanks to this application you can adjust the contracted power, choose the best electricity tariff, as well as the most profitable one. In the end, it will allow you to reduce your electricity usage.

As we can see, there are many resources that we can use and implement in our daily lives to lead a more sustainable life. Do you want to know how to save on your energy bill? You can read the following article in our news section.