Renewable energies are here to stay and this is not only reflected in the increase in photovoltaic projects or environmental awareness, but also reaches the generation of jobs.


The Integrated National Energy and Climate Plan foresees that the renewable energy sector will generate more than 100,000 jobs in the next decade.

Currently, the sectors of photovoltaic solar energy and wind energy are the ones with the highest demand for professionals.  The training of these profiles is usuallyrelated to engineering and installations.  Although the most outstanding training is the university career of engineering, alsostand out various higher degrees of professional training.

As for jobs, professionals are demanded for different areas such as construction, installation, maintenance, sales,etc.  Also, jobs predominate  to carry out the assembly and maintenance of wind farms and to install photovoltaic panels.

The most demanded profiles for the renewable sector in Spain in 2021 according to the Robert Walters Group report,  were:

  • Project developers: where professionals are required who know how to evaluate the technical, financial and legal viability of projects, as well as find the best locations and analyze the aspects that affect their profitability.
  • Design engineers: with a profile of experts in power lines and substations that manage the optimal evacuation for the energy generated.
  • Commercial sales of products: manufacturing companies need this type of profiles when they haveto increase their sales to be more profitableand continue investing in R + D.
  • Technical profiles: those focused on the research of solutions for the storage of renewable energies, such as, for example, batteries.

Renewable energies are fundamental to overcome the environmental challenges we face, offering a unique opportunity to develop new business models that are more sustainable and that create quality jobs.

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