To combat the heat during the summer, many of us make use of air conditioning. The problem is that air conditioning can be our best friend to combat the high temperatures, but the worst friend for our pocket.


Regulating the air conditioning is essential to achieve higher performance as well as significant energy savings.

The ideal air conditioning temperature to save energy should be between 24-26 degrees according to the Institute for the Diversification of Energy Saving (IDAE). Every additional degree you lower the temperature will increase energy consumption by 6-8%. However, it is not only important to maintain a stable temperature, but also to have an air conditioner with a high degree of efficiency (A+++).

When installing the air conditioner, it is important to avoid direct sunlight, as this can damage it and will require more energy to operate. Also, keep the filters clean and have a professional carry out a maintenance check at the times recommended by the manufacturer.

What other tips can we follow?

  1. Use the energy-saving “eco” mode, which allows you to adjust the fan speed and temperature to maximise energy efficiency.
  2. Set the timer to turn the equipment on and off as you need it.
  3. Keep doors and windows closed, as well as having good insulation in the home. Proper sealing will help maintain the desired temperature and reduce air conditioning effort.
  4. Use smart thermostats to adjust the temperature according to your preferences and usage patterns. In this way, settings can be optimised for more efficient energy use.

These tips may vary depending on the air conditioner model and specific environmental conditions. It is recommended, as far as possible, to activate air conditioners as little as possible and to support these systems with the use of fans.

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