Decarbonisation is a process to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, mainly in the form of carbon dioxide. All countries in this process are taking action with measures to reduce emissions of these gases.


It is now 20 years since the first international agreement was signed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, known as the Kyoto Protocol, but even so, emissions have continued to grow.

Excess greenhouse gases cause the atmosphere to store more energy, average temperatures to rise and more extreme weather events to occur, throwing the planet’s energy balance out of balance. It is therefore essential to accelerate the decarbonisation of the economy, and to this end, we can implement renewable energies.

Renewable energies are called upon to play an indispensable role in moving towards a global zero emissions balance. In addition to reducing the CO2 emitted into the atmosphere, they reduce energy dependence and facilitate self-supply.

The new climate change law sets out the path towards decarbonisation. It aims to ensure compliance with the Paris Agreement, facilitate decarbonisation, the transition to a circular model, promote adaptation to the impacts of climate change and consolidate a sustainable development model that generates employment.

It includes important measures in the areas of energy, sustainable mobility, adaptation to climate change, just transition and domestic resource mobilisation, including the development of an international climate finance strategy to ensure that Spanish development cooperation and investments are aligned with the climate goals of the SDGs.

In this fight, there is a major impact on companies as it is not possible to achieve our goals and meet our climate obligations without business involvement.

Every year that passes is one less year we have at our disposal to act, one more year in which greenhouse gases accumulate in the atmosphere and one more year in which the scientific evidence on the urgent need for climate action is consolidated, therefore, in the coming years we have to take decisive steps to achieve the Paris Agreement Goals.

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