Nara Solar has been developing its plants all over the world since 2019. These range from large-scale projects to those known as agrivoltaic.

The energy sector has become strategic for any country, as it is necessary to transform the conventional generation model into one based on clean energy. In the European context, the European Commission’s roadmap with the objective of reducing emissions by 55% by 2030 and becoming neutral by 2050 shows that the economy must evolve towards sustainable models.


Nara Solar is dedicated precisely to renewables, specifically to the creation and development of large-scale solar projects. In Europe, where it initially began with a portfolio of projects in Spain, France and the Netherlands, Nara Solar has a presence in both offices and equipment. The sector in which they work is experiencing a continuous growth in demand for this type of project. Their approach is to develop these solar assets to a high cross-cutting quality standard in order to provide viable solar projects that comply with all current regulations and legislation and also have a positive impact.

“We must understand the development needs of the projects in their local context, involving the main stakeholders who benefit from the development and construction of these types of plants. Beyond the seasonalities of the economy and the terrible times we live in today, the ultimate goal of restoring the health of our planet, to ensure our livelihood, cannot be postponed. This makes our projects even more important because, thanks to the work we are doing today, clean energy projects will be possible in the coming years”, explains Yago Acón Raspall, CEO of the company.

In Spain they currently have projects throughout the Spanish mainland and the Canary Islands. These are multi-megawatt complexes that occupy large areas of land and can generate energy on a large scale and feed it into the national distribution or transmission grid. In France, in turn, they are working on projects that promote dual land use, or what is known as agrivoltaica, projects designed in such a way that they can simultaneously generate solar energy and agricultural or livestock activity.

“These projects allow the land to be used for animal husbandry or for agricultural cultivation of plants that can grow in less sunny conditions under the solar panels. In the Netherlands, the projects we are working on are realised under a subsidy scheme for power generation from renewable energies (SDE++ scheme) using various technologies. At Nara, we are focusing on ground-mounted and floating solar technology on water surfaces, as the Netherlands has an enormous water potential and a very extensive network of canals and lakes,” says the head of Nara Solar.

All of this has led LA RAZÓN to award them the prize for the New European Solar Development Platform.

“This award recognises the work of our team in the countries where we are active. They have achieved our growth by carrying out projects in an innovative way. They have managed to realise initiatives that help to achieve the decarbonisation goals of our energy generation model. We have grown much more than we expected, even in our most optimistic projections, and this is the result of the human component, because we obviously like what we do and we are proud of our work”, says Acón.

Reproduction of a report in the newspaper La Razón published on 18 May 2021 following the award of the prize for the new solar development platform. (