The need to carry out a transition to renewable energies has shown that we have an obligation to manage our resources efficiently. There are very specific examples, such as agrovoltaic solar energy, which represents an opportunity to make the most of resources as much as possible.

Agrovoltaic solar energy was born as a way to install solar panels without affecting the quality of the soil, taking advantage of the surface to cultivate and in the process favoring biodiversity. It is also a perfect fusion between two processes that are perfectly compatible and mutually benefit.


Nara Solar France, developer of large renewable projects throughout Europe and, since 2019, a member of the French Renewable Energies Union has joined the France Agrovoltaic Association. A news that we are pleased to announce.

Our organization, Nara Solar, already participated in different commissions such as those of technologies or labels within the agrovoltaic organization; For this reason, now that the development of projects with dual land use, with the introduction of agricultural or livestock activities on land used to produce renewable energy, is on the rise, we wanted to take the step”, comments Rodolphe de Téglassy, Director of Development from Nara Solar France.

According to studies, the opportunities posed by agrivoltaics for agriculture and the energy transition have meant that in recent years the technology has been greatly developed and, therefore, agrivoltaics projects have multiplied in all regions of the world. Proof of this is that in leading countries in renewable energies such as China, these types of installations have acquired special relevance.

Nara Solar, for its part, has extensive experience developing projects of this type. As Yago Acón, General Director of

Nara Solar points out: The implementation of this type of projects with dual use of the land results in a positive impact from the local socioeconomic point of view, which is why the development of agrovoltaic plants is already one of the central axes of Nara Solar’s strategy, also in Spain and the Netherlands. ”.

For this reason, Nara Solar can celebrate that the French Agrovoltaic Association has decided to take the leap and trust in its experience and quality guarantee. For the company, this means progress in the right direction and a boost for the activity it develops.

It is also a smart bet because agrovoltaics take advantage of surfaces while increasing the efficiency of both processes. On the one hand, the production of solar energy grows, by reducing the temperature of the panels while these, on the other hand, act as a barrier to adverse weather effects, protecting crops.

Perhaps for this reason, agrovoltaics continues to gain followers. It is also likely that the large number of reports that have been made on this technique -which was developed in 1981 but did not become popular until 2012- have influenced the consolidation of the idea that this type of installation allows optimizing the performance of the soil.

In short, with the integration of Nara Solar in this organization, everything indicates that more projects of this type will soon arrive for its division in France. Something that has been received very positively.