Renewable energy is becoming a key power generation source, specially for a clean energy transition. And, therefore, for the future of the whole economy.

In this context, renewables have grown in importance exponentially during the last years, with the goal of achieving climate goals established during the Paris Summit in 2015. Next, a regulatory framework was tried to be built and also the application of an energy policy that the rest of the countries tried to achieve.



Nara Solar started its activity in Europe, with a portfolio of projects in Spain, France and Netherlands; countries in which it has entrenched as a referrer in the development of large solar power plants. A sector which, by the way, is constantly growing and has a huge potential of progression.

“In the Netherlands, more precisely, our organization counts on a solar portfolio of more than 200 MW, comprising projects at different stages of development. Our goal is to keep developing projects which will have a positive local impact by applying our expertise and know-how in order to achieve the decarbonization goals of the country”, says Yago Acón, CEO of Nara Solar.

As Acon points out, the Netherlands is a country committed to sustainability and environmental care and where the deployment of renewables has been carried out progressively but surely. The European market has always offered great opportunities and Nara Solar has a market foothold, thanks to its focus on excellence.

Thanks to that, Nara Solar has recently become a new full active member at Holland Solar, the deutch solar association. An issue which, from the organization result of the collaboration between the hispanic-japanese enterprise Univergy International and the Investment Fund Macquaire International, have been celebrated.

Holland Solar operates in all the deutsch territory, in which it reports a whole set of solar installations, with the goal of bringing photovoltaic energy to the country and  turning it into the main energy source of the country.

It is, therefore, a key organization in the country because it’s found in the center of decision making in the deutch solar sector and it steers the agenda regarding legislation, regulations and subsidies.

Also, being a trade association, Holland Solar works with its members to inspire, inform, connect and further professionalize the Dutch solar energy sector.