On 19 January, Nara Solar, a company specialising in renewable energies, together with 30 other companies and federations, signed a charter with the aim of strengthening agrovoltaic activity in France.


Agrovoltaics is a technique that combines agricultural production and renewable energy generation, where solar panels and crops coexist on the same surface.

According to this charter, the signatories consider agrovoltaics to be a tool at the service of agriculture and the community, making possible an energy transition without conflict of use. The farmer will be involved in the development of such projects and will be advised by an agricultural organisation.

In the event that the farmer ceases his activity, a follow-up will be carried out during the first years by an organisation independent of the farm’s projects, allowing the restoration of the land after the dismantling of the installation.

All the signatory companies and federations will promote an equitable distribution of the income from this activity: one part will be reserved for the owner, one part for the operator and one part for a territorial agricultural collective.

To ensure that all criteria are met, the signatories have asked the State to provide a simple doctrinal basis and clear guidelines for the attention of the investigating authorities.

Agrovoltaics in France could bring solutions to the challenges of the energy transition, as well as challenges to the economic viability and ecological transition of the agricultural sector. Certainly, solar energy integrated into agricultural production looks set to play an important role in solar development in France.