The real energy is inside us


In Nara Solar we believe that a mix of talents and skills brings a real value for what we do.

Our team is the cornerstone enabling the development and expansion of our business in each country.

Encouraging the development of our employees, recognising their contribution to the company and promoting strong communication contribute to the development  and achievement process, always respecting the interests of every member with the needs of the company.

Since its creation, Nara Solar is moving forward with help of the experience in the renewable project development, technical and financial analysis and geographical diversity. The spirit of improvement and professionalism has contributed to our exponential growth.

Our values

The values ​​that help Nara Solar’s growth and development in a transversal way:


To lead the projects till the end


The strength that helps us overcome any barrier

Integrity and learning

To maintain our growth

Professionalism and excellence

The meaning of our work


Each team member adds value to the company activity