The technology to transform solar irradiation into solar energy has been around since 1950. However, year after year, it has evolved until today, when it has given way to a powerful industry that employs more than 12.000.000 people in the world.


Solar energy has grown exponentially in the latest years. More precisely, it does so at a pace of  20% annually, being the main generation source in progression just followed by wind energy. It even broke a new growth record last year, according to the International Energy Agency’s last report.

Along the way, solar energy has been a stage for very important discussions, both politically and from a street level. Nevertheless, what seemed impossible in 1950 is today a reality. The earlier mentioned report by IEA says so: at this pace renewables alone will surpass fossil fuels and nuclear altogether by 2026.

And this is something that should not surprise us because solar energy is the most abundant source of energy in the world. Apart from being inexhaustible and trustworthy. Even more, in just one day the sun produces enough energy to supply the earth with energy during a whole year and since the 80’s, the price of the modules has done nothing but falling; they have already gotten 99% cheaper. Impressive.

Now that we are starting to pose a sustainable green world, fueled only by renewable energy, we have realized that solar energy is here to stay. And for a good reason.

Actually, solar panels are a solution for the future that has already started to materialize. And there is no doubt that data support this affirmation. Solar energy has been the renewable energy that has grown the most over the past 15 years, according to IRENA.

Europe keeps being an absolute leader when it comes to solar energy, its power has multiplied by 75 in the last decade. And its experiencing a boom in the actual moment, as it proves the fact that 90% of installed available capacity has been installed in the last 5 years.

Relative to this data, Faith Birol, executive director of International Energy Agency, has indicated that, this year, renewable available capacity could reach 1.000 GW, with solar energy as the main source. According to Birol “we are facing the birth of a new era of solar energy, whose growth will be bigger than any other renewable energy at least until 2026.