In the midst of the energy transition, energy digitisation is key to transforming energy production, distribution and consumption processes. Digitalisation makes us more efficient and optimises many of the processes. Moreover, thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI) we are able to handle more and more data in the energy sector.


As renewable energies play an increasingly important role in the electricity sector, more and more companies are implementing digitalisation to optimise the energy processes and services they offer.

Electricity has been the driving force behind the industrial and social transformation of the world for more than a century, but to meet the transformation of buildings, cities, and production and industrial processes, the sector is having to change by force, relying on digital technologies.

In Spain, for example, thanks to digital technology and communication between systems, we have been able to achieve a high capacity for centralised management of distributed renewable generation through Red Eléctrica.

Some of the benefits of digitalisation in the electricity sector are:

  • Higher profit margins.
  • Maximising grid availability and improving grid reliability.
  • Possibility of offering products and services with added value.

It should also be noted that the digitisation process has some risks related to:

  • Cybersecurity: digitisation implies greater exposure to cyber attacks and these would also affect the renewable energy sector. It is therefore important to create security protocols and mechanisms.
  • Information privacy: it is necessary to increase and guarantee the confidentiality of the data that consumers produce.
  • Regulatory bodies: it is necessary to accompany the digitalisation process with regulatory bodies that meet the requirements of energy and digital policy in order to guarantee an objective, agile and non-discriminatory process.

There is no doubt that, in the midst of the energy transition, digitalisation is reaching the renewables sector. Do you want to know how the energy sector is harnessing the potential of artificial intelligence? We talk about it in the following article.