Wind energy has become one of the most used alternatives in our country. Due to the energy crisis we are experiencing, everything related to energy concerns us today more than ever.


Although we are still far from the dominance of renewable energies in Spain, today they account for 21.2%, following a good direction in emission-free generation. Wind energy has become one of the main energies in our country, in fact, it is considered the main source of energy in Spain.  If forecasts do not fail, it is expected that 2022 could become the year in which renewables finally exceed 50% of electricity generation.

Wind energy is a renewable energy source, which does not pollute, and is inexhaustible since it is obtained through the force of the wind with the operation of thousands of wind turbines. This type of energy is capable of obtaining 23% of the light we consume in our country, the equivalent of what is used by around 17 million homes. During the year 2021, Spanish wind turbines produced more than 23.1% of the total energy of the electricity system. A figure that puts them ahead of nuclear and combined cycles (those that need to burn gas to produce electricity).

According to the National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan (Pniec), published by the government in 2021, the installation of wind turbines will double by 2030. Until this period, photovoltaic energy will continue to grow, becoming the second most important source of energy generation, but still far behind wind power.

Wind power is a strategic bet in Spain for all the advantages it presents, as it is an inexhaustible and indigenous source of energy that supplied 23% of Spain with electricity in 2021.

In Spain there are more than 1,260 wind farms spread over a thousand municipalities, making it a benchmark country in the development of this type of energy, ranking fifth after China, the United States, Germany and India, with 27,466 MW of wind power spread over more than 1,000 municipalities. When deciding where to place a wind farm it is necessary to know the amount of wind that exists in that place, since the more hours a wind turbine is working, the more efficient it is. In addition, the wind energy sector in Spain is widely distributed, present in 16 of the 17 autonomous communities.

It is estimated that by 2030, one in three light bulbs will be lit by wind power. In addition, this sector not only helps to improve our planet, but also employs some 30,000 people. According to a study by the GWEC (Global Wind Energy Council), wind power could create more than 3.3 million new jobs in the next five years.

It should be noted that it is also an energy that has the support of the government, since in the past year 2021 subsidies were received for it: 20% for the installation in large companies and 50% in systems for SMEs; individuals obtained 50% and public administrations 70%.

The use of wind power has meant savings for the system valued at 26,281 million euros due to the reduction in the price of the electricity market pool. Therefore, this energy is expected to be able to reduce bill prices in the future, becoming the main source of electricity and a key sector for meeting the target of 40% of energy consumption coming from renewable sources by 2030.

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