lt all starts with the Sun

Nara Solar is a European company developing large-scale photovoltaic solar energy projects.

Nara Solar was born from the cooperation between the investment fund Macquarie Capital Green Investment Group and the solar energy developer Univergy International by a 50:50 Joint Venture agreement

The company purpose is to operate as a platform for developing solar energy projects in Europe.

About Us

Our Vision: “Actively contribute to create a sustainable and renewable world.”

Nara Solar started in 2019 with a strong and highly experienced team in the project development and with a pipeline of projects in Spain, France and the Netherlands. The capabilities and skills of Nara Solar allow to create greenfield projects and consolidate them in the different development stages.

Nara Solar mission is to be a leading company in the European renewable energy sector both in numbers and quality by developing photovoltaic projects with a maximum technical efficiency and high profitability and ensuring returns to the shareholders and society through the positive social and environmental impact.

Nara Solar is a technologically agnostic company capable to implement the best solution to each particular project. Focused on developing fully “bankable” projects the financial aspect is an essential ingredient and along with the technical aspect means that our projects offer maximized returns adapted to each market.

About Nara Solar

Power networks

We collaborate with the electricity companies in the planning and integration of our projects into existing and future electricity networks.

Local Partners

We grow with our local partners to bring a value to the projects.


We collaborate to offer the best solution for a strong and lasting relationship.

Where we are?

Madrid Office Headquarters

Calle López de Hoyos 15, 3º derecha

28006 Madrid


Tel: +34 910 325 143

Albacete Technical Office

Calle Ignacio Monturiol 8, bajo

02005 Albacete


Tel: +34 967 993 024

Sevilla Office

Avenida Kansas City 94, 6, Oficina 1

41007 Sevilla


Palencia Office

Paseo del Salón 9, 1º centro

34002 Palencia




Bordeaux Office

4 Impasse Birouette

33000 Bordeaux


Tel: +33 556 814 763


Lelystad Office

Albert Einsteinweg 4

8218 NH Lelystad