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Our mission as a renewable energy company is to actively contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals and targets (SDGs) and decarbonization to promote a more sustainable energy planet by increasing the production of energy from 100% green sources through the development of our solar photovoltaic power plants in Europe.



Our main objective is to become a reference company in the renewable energy sector and to develop technically and financially profitable photovoltaic projects, always providing a positive social and environmental impact.

To ensure a sustainable future for all, it is necessary to promote the use of renewable energies as a unique and sustainable energy source.


We define our behavioral guidelines through values aligned with the firm commitment to guarantee a sustainable and egalitarian future for all.

Therefore, our day-to-day activities are carried out under the ethical principles of transparency, equality, quality, resolution, customer proximity and excellence, which guarantee the success of all our operations in the different countries in which we operate.

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About Cero Generation

Cero Generation is a leading specialist in solar energy development, production and storage, accelerating the delivery of a net-zero future across Europe.

Powered by an experienced team that brings world-class industry, commercial, engineering and environmental expertise to its projects, Cero is active through every stage of the lifecycle, from planning and construction to operation. It works closely with local development partners, suppliers and stakeholders to deliver high-impact projects that positively benefit the environment and community.