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Our mission as a renewable energy company is to actively contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals and targets (SDGs) and decarbonization to promote a more sustainable energy planet by increasing the production of energy from 100% green sources through the development of our solar photovoltaic power plants in Europe.





Our main objective is to become a reference company in the renewable energy sector and to develop technically and financially profitable photovoltaic projects, always providing a positive social and environmental impact.

To ensure a sustainable future for all, it is necessary to promote the use of renewable energies as a unique and sustainable energy source.


We define our behavioral guidelines through values aligned with the firm commitment to guarantee a sustainable and egalitarian future for all.

Therefore, our day-to-day activities are carried out under the ethical principles of transparency, equality, quality, resolution, customer proximity and excellence, which guarantee the success of all our operations in the different countries in which we operate.

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Green Investment Group Limited (GIG) is one of the leading global investors specialising in green infrastructure investments, project distribution and asset management, and related services. GIG is committed to support the growth of the global green economy.

In 2012, the United Kingdom Government launched the Green Investment Bank plc (GIB) first institution of its kind in the world. The GIB was acquired by MacquarieGroup Limited (Macquarie) in 2017 and currently operates under the name of Green Investment Group (GIG). GIG brought the GIB business and the renewable team of Macquarie Capital together in order to create one of the largest teams in the world specialised in ecological investments.

Macquarie is a diversified financial group that offers clients asset management and finance, banking, consulting, risk and capital solutions between debt, capital and raw materials. Since 1969, the company hired more than 14,400 people in 25 countries.

Macquarie is also one of the world`s largest investors in green energy with more than $20 billion invested in green energy projects since 2010.

For more information: www.cerogeneration.com

Univergy International is a business group with Hispanic-Japanese and expert in the Renewable Energy sector. The group business activities are development, construction and operation of photovoltaic solar energy projects in their multiple applications: domestic, industrial and agricultural.

The company started in 2012 with the headquarters in Tokyo and Madrid. Since the creation, the company has experienced a very significant growth and has positioned itself as a global developer of sustainable projects establishing offices around the world with a commercial presence almost in every continent.

Currently, the group is presented in Germany, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Philippines, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Colombia, Mexico, Panama, Argentina, Spain, Korea, Australia, United States, Netherlands, France and Egypt developing projects with more than 2.6 GW in total. The company is actively participating in the development and implementation of various projects carried out by other companies and only in Japan Univergy has the photovoltaic projects with more than 1 GW.

For more information: www.univergysolar.com