Nara Solar‘s core business activity is specialised in the development of Solar, Wind, and Green Hydrogen projects. The company is involved in the entire life cycle of each project, from the search for the location of the land to obtaining permits and project design.

In addition, the company also develops agrovoltaic energy projects that make it possible to combine, in a single space, agricultural and livestock activities and install solar panels for energy generation.

Our quality standards ensure the viability of the projects almost from the beginning. In addition, we ensure that we work with the best suppliers and external agents that guarantee optimum quality standards for the execution of our work at all stages.

The differential value of our company is that we are involved in all phases of the project from the beginning:

Nara Solar’s involvement in all phases of the project’s development ensures its viability.

Nara Solar’s close involvement with all stakeholders with whom it collaborates results in projects that are 100% viable, economically attractive and offer all parties involved in the process a high return on investment.

  • Landowners: We work with landowners to provide the most cost-effective and mutually beneficial solutions.
  • Local agents: We have an extensive team of local partners who have extensive experience in their geographic area, resulting in high value for projects.
  • State and local governments: Our work directly influences the delivery of government renewable targets at both state and local levels. We work in coordination with key designated public officials to ensure proper compliance with all applicable regulations.
  • Utilities: We work closely with utilities on grid planning and project evacuation needs.
  • Energy cooperation agencies: We seek a balance for positive local impact.

Thanks to an extensive knowledge of the requirements for development in each of the countries in which the group is present, Nara Solar is able to take on all the phases up to the “Ready to build” stage, which leads to the implementation of the project.