Nara Solar is involved in the entire life cycle of each project: location selection, development engineering, obtaining permits, relationship with all stakeholders in the project, etc.

We ensure to work with all key players involved from the very beginning of the project:

  • Landowners: We collaborate to offer the best solution for a strong and lasting relationship.
  • Local agents: We grow with our local partners to bring a value to the projects.
  • State and local authorities: We develop and generate new renewable projects that bring a value to the society.
  • Neighbourhood Associations: We work for a positive impact.
  • Regulatory agents: We work to ensure that our projects fully comply with all requirements.
  • Electric companies: We collaborate with the electricity companies in the planning and integration of our projects into existing and future electricity networks.

Thanks for a wide knowledge of the development needs in each of the countries where the group is present, Nara Solar can be in charge of all phases until the “Ready To Build” state allowing the project to become a reality.